General Meetings

For each meeting below it will be via Microsoft Teams at 7p.m.. For those you who wish to participate in this meeting, please forward your email address with subject line “RSVP” to and you will receive a meeting invitation link.

Others may have access through Bell Conferencing but with no voting access for Motions.

At 7 pm Dial the appropriate dial-in number below.

• Follow the system prompts to enter the conference ID followed by #.
    -Toll-free dial-in number: 1 866-500-9022
    -Local dial-in number: 613-244-1309
    -Conference ID: 2381710

DateStart TimeLocationComments
9-29-20217 p.m.Microsoft Teams 
10-27-20217 p.m.Microsoft Teams 
11-24-20217 p.m.Microsoft Teams